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For more than 17 years, FGS has provided top-quality wellsite geology across most North American basins, offering mudlogging, advanced geochemistry, geosteering, and data analysis. Our innovative geoscience solutions like LithoAI and Spectrastacker are also simplifying daily wellsite geology operations and access to real-time information


A commitment to quality is our hallmark. Starting with highly qualified, experienced teams of degreed geologists, FGS adds extensive training in lag calculations, sample collection, and analytical methodology before deployment to the wellsite, empowering them to provide you with invaluable information about your well and the subsurface characteristics of your reservoir.

Define your Drilling

We designed our mudlogs with scientific accuracy and clarity in mind. Each interval includes a high-resolution photo of the associated cuttings to make interpretation as objective as possible—even in shale plays with only subtle changes in characteristics. We check every well log daily for errors, to ensure that your logs and data are accurate and ready for integration into your systems.

Quality and Support

Our teams talk—to each other, the drilling crew, the engineers, the scientists—and you. In an industry in which millions ride on good communication, FGS loggers keep you informed with the frequency, method, and specifics you prefer. Our teams produce consistent, high-quality data reports, delivered daily. We also offer 24/7/365 on-call support for both our wellsite geos and clients.

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Planning your drilling project? Contact us to discuss a wellsite mudlogging, geochemistry, and geosteering program to meet your needs and fit your budget.

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About Field Geo Services, inc.

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FGS President Scott Field has earned his reputation as one of the best advanced geochemistry geologists in the country thanks to years of experience as a thought leader in the mass spectrometry sphere. The expertise, passion and knowledge he brings is the same expectation that is extended to all our wellsite geologists.

Field Geo Services, Inc President and Owner

Our Services

Solutions from Field Geo Services

We have a variety of service options to meet your project needs. From field operations to in-house laboratory services, in addition to post well data analysis, interpretation, and basin modeling, we are your one-stop shop for comprehensive wellsite geology services and consultation.


Whether gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, or wellsite X-Ray fluorescence, we can tailor a logging program to inexpensively provide reliable, actionable data for your team. Plus, All our wellsite geos are degreed geologists!

Advanced Geochemistry

Our wellsite geologists are rigorously trained in wellsite geochemical processes like mass spectrometry and XRF. Combined with a variety of hardware and software solutions, Field Geo Services can unlock deeper insights!


Onsite, remote, and in-house steering options to fit your budget and project needs across a variety of basins. From full-time steering to supplemental options like holidays, nights, and weekends, we’ll keep you in zone!

Lab Services

Geochemical laboratory analysis is a powerful tool for cutting operational costs and making drilling more efficient. Moreover, versatile technologies, like XRF, have applications in industries such as mining, electronics, metallurgy, environmental services, and more. 

Geoscience Solutions

President Scott Field, has almost 20 years of experience providing advanced geochemical interpretation, including pioneering top-seal identification. Plus, our custom-designed webapps take the guesswork out of geochemistry analysis with data and insights available on demand, 24/7.

Environmental Services

Emissions monitoring and wellhead/bradenhead testing solutions to meet the latest state and EPA regulations and reporting requirements. From simple air quality data to algorithmic emissions monitoring with localization, attribution, and quantification for leak detection.

Leverage our custom web applications

Licensed Geoscience Solutions

Sample Descriptions in about 2 minutes

Our custom built web application, LithoAI, is the perfect tool to add to the wellsite geologist’s toolbox. The lithology identification and description creator application maintains organizational consistency by standardizing sample identification and descriptions while enhancing lithological understanding. Perfect for undergraduate geology students, as well as new and experienced wellsite geologists. Access to the application can be offered through your organizations own sign-in credentials.


What Clients Say About Us

In the immortal words of Levar Burton from PBS’s Reading Rainbow, “You don’t have to take our word for it!”

Tap Rock Resources
    Tap Rock Resources

    VP of Geoscience

    Thank you for all of your guys’ work…You guys are the best!


      Ops Geologist

      Field Geo Services are extremely helpful to our rig crew and to our office team, and I know I can trust them with the details.

      Logos Resources
        Logos Resources

        Senior Ops Geologist

        Your guys did an outstanding job for us this past year. Our Mudlogging and Geosteering was greatly improved over our previous years operations, and I know the Company Men were happy with them and their work on location.