February 23, 2018

Analytical Lab

Laboratory Geochemistry

Field Geo Services and its partners are well known to maintain the highest standards for geochemical analysis.  This applies to routine screening runs as well as the most sophisticated analysis.  A number of advanced analytical and interpretation methods have originally been developed by FGS and partners.  Our goal is to deliver quality products that provide the client with solutions to their most ambitious ​demands.

Bulk Character                                                                                                               

  • TOC
  • Rock Eval
  • Sulfur
  • Elemental
  • LC

Fluid Properties

  • API
  • Pour Point
  • Viscosity
  • Sulfur
  • Mass Balance

Quantitative Gas Chromatography

  • FID
  • TCD
  • FPD

Optical- Reflected and
Transmitted Light

Thermal Extract GC Pyrolysis GC/MS

Water Analysis

  • Compositional and Isotopic Age-dating

Bulk and Compositional 
Kinetic Kerogen Analysis

Reservoir Bitumen Density Determination

  • Well Log Applications

Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy

Thin Section Petrography

Iso-tube and Iso-jar collection and analysis

Source Rock Assessment

  • Richness
  • Thermal Maturity
  • Oil vs. Gas-Prone

Pay Zone Assessment (Mud Systems)

  • Water
  • Synthetic
  • Oil Based

Solid Reservoir Bitumen Characterization

  • Define Origin
  • Extent and Timing of Employment

Predictive Source Rock Models

  • Extrapolation with Seismic Methods

Geochemical Inversion

  • Age
  • Depositional Environment
  • Generation Temperature

Shale Gas, Shale Oil, and Coal Bed Methane

  • Resource Potential
  • Thermogenic vs. Biogenic
  • Gas Charge Risk

Offshore Piston Core Evaluation

  • High Grade Prospects, Risk Assessment