Challenging the “We’ve Always Done it That Way” Mentality

A major challenge for the oil patch is finding a balance between proven methods and the integration of new technologies that can provide better results. As a Williston Basin exec once said, “It seems crazy that I can order a pizza online and see exactly where it is in the process, but I have no way to know where our $10 million wells are in their development process. There has to be a better way to manage this process than the way we have always done it.”

The digital revolution has resulted in vast amounts of data for all industries. To complicate matters, data can exist in multiple places. These disparate data channels can prove costly for companies that must hire to process and interpret the data.  

However, new technologies are empowering operators. Take the Williston, where idling a rig could cost up to $100k a day.  Fortunately, operators can minimize delays thanks to better data acquisition and interpretation. By monitoring well data in real time through processes like mass spectrometry, FGS is helping operators reduce delays and produce more interpretive data from wells, resulting in more efficiency with better yields. In short, Better Data=Better Wells. Visit our website, for info!

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