Do Oil and Gas Software Providers Need to Up Their Game?

Software for the oil field has changed the game with programs for mapping reservoirs, advanced geosteering, well production performance, permit tracking and more leading to efficiency increases. However, despite these advances, there are some who remain skeptical of these new innovations, for one main reason: usability.

Interestingly, in a climate where tech companies are focused on a solid user experience, a recurring complaint about new oil and gas software is that usability often comes second to functionality. Effective software needs to be intuitive and practical, and most importantly EASY TO USE for those in the field.  Furthermore, oil and gas software can’t be created in a vacuum, the input of field personnel is essential for technology that meets their needs. What good is software if it fails to incorporate the experience of the field?! Plus, companies that spend less time “fighting” their software, can spend more time using their software to directly affect their bottom line.

At FGS, our innovations are being led by field-experienced geologists that create solutions that are intuitive, meets the needs of operators, and delivers data quickly. We know Better Data=Better Wells.

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