Is one area poised to drive the next wave of technical innovation in the oil field?

Back in 2006, horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracking made a significant impact in the oil industry, with the effects of the “Shale Revolution” pushing America to the top of the world’s crude production. This wave of innovation was driven largely by tools and techniques.

Now a new wave of innovation is sweeping the industry, a digital wave. IT professionals and software engineers are capitalizing on opportunities by working with petroleum engineers and geologists to develop useful solutions .  According to this article, Colorado is becoming an epicenter for this digital revolution in the oil industry.

As the article points out, “Leading operators have discovered information technology can help them drill better wells, improve recoveries, discover new opportunities faster, make more precise production forecasts and get a handle on the vast amount of data that is now available to them”. Field Geo Services is proud to be one of the innovators utilizing technology to improve drilling yields and efficiency, and we are excited to unveil more new advancements soon! Do you think Colorado has an advantage over other areas? What do you think will be the next “big thing”?

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