February 23, 2018

Our Company

Field Geo Services Inc. is full geologic service company that provides multiple and layered levels of subsurface and wellsite analysis services. Our specialties include traditional manned mudlogging, technical geosteering services, advanced geochemical mudlogging and subsurface geochemical modeling and analysis.

We have the capability to perform all levels of evaluation of your basin or subsurface geology.  From laboratory based Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy (FIS) to onsite rock physics evaluation using X-ray diffraction, our blend of field-based techniques integrating geochemical data increases drilling efficiencies, completions, and increases the velocity of understanding of your project goals.

Since 2012, FGS’ core drilling areas are in North Dakota’s Williston Basin, Colorado’s Piceance and DJ Basins, Utah’s Uinta Basin, New Mexico’s San Juan and Permian Basins​​, Texas’ Permian and Gulf Coast Basins, Wyoming’s Green River and Powder River Basins.  Our company has extensive and proven experience within every Rocky Mountain subbasin, from Appalachian and Central Basins to southern California’s LA Basin as well.  We have logged over 10,000 wells and over 2 million feet of rock, and maintain well respected relationships with every client we have worked with and continue to work with​.

Whether you need simple wellsite mudlogging or more c​omplex laboratory analysis of your wellbore cuttings, FGS is your solution to help you complete your petroleum or mineral systems evaluation, giving you the answers to complex geologic and repetitive mechanical problems.

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