February 23, 2018

Our Mission

We have unique and real world understanding of the science and engineering of subsurface drilling and exploration when it comes to geochemical signatures, rock identificaiton and rock mechanics.

We are professionals ensuring your data acquisition and
management provide you with important regional geologic understanding.
Every wellsite personnel has at least an undergraduate degree in geology,
geologic engineering and/or greater.  All personnel are rigorously trained in FGS data aquisition techniques. Final well data are compiled and reviewed within our corporate office by a qualified analyst with years of mudlogging and exploration experience.

Our overall objective at FGS is changing the paradigm for exploration “mudlogging” from purely qualitative techniques to inclusion of empirical quantitative wellbore data that can be integrated within your geophysical basin models.  At FGS, our experience in optimizing mulitple variants of upstream data to efficiently expidite well planning and decision making is our speciality.

FGS’ culture is developing the renaissance in mudlogging with innovative solutions to your geologic and repetitive mechanical issues.​