September 28, 2022

How Does FGS pay compare with competitors?(FGS Pay Comparison tool)

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When comparing job offers, it is important to do an “apples to apples” comparison. We have observed that many companies have different pay structures, so we created this FAQ for an accurate pay comparison.

Due to recent changes in tax law, all pay is now calculated via an hourly rate. Over the course of 7 days with a 12 hour shift, you will typically accrue 84 hours in a work week, that means that usually you will have more than half your hours in a week at an overtime rate (Time and a half). Additionally, you will receive 59 dollars a day for per diem that is tax free. Thus, you will notice that despite a lower hourly rate, you are earning significantly more than those who are capped at 40 hours a week.

We have created the following FAQ so that you can have more clarity on the true benefits of how an FGS offer compares with others.

We have created the following FAQ so that you can have more clarity on the true benefits of how an FGS offer compares with others.

  • FGS invests in Safeland training, yearly H2S certification for every employee
    • FGS offers paid training, however Safeland and H2S may be deducted if you leave the job in less than six months.
  • Employees are given opportunities to receive in-house Geosteering and Mass Spectrometry training
    • Additional services training like steering and mass spec are conducted by the FGS management team who can provide specialized expertise and knowledge for better compentency
  • How many hours can I expect to work?
    • Hours aren’t guaranteed but we strive to provide a 20 days on/ 10 days off rotation. It is important to note that rig schedules are variable but we always strive for a balanced rotation.
  • Will my schedule be cut when I am about to exceed 40 hours in a work week?
    • FGS never cuts schedules related to hours worked for the week. Instead, work schedules are made in accordance with rig activity. Many of our competitors offer a higher hourly rate, but are in the habit of not allowing you to earn overtime.
  • How soon am I eligible for benefits?
    • You’re considered full time immediately and eligible for healthcare benefits 60 days after the first day worked. You’re eligible for the FAVR program (Fixed and Variable Rate Vehicle Reimbursement Plan) and 401K after 90 days worked.
  • How soon am I eligible for a raise? How do I qualify for a raise?
    • We are always evaluating employee performance, and strive to provide pay that rewards superior job performance, work product, reliability, initiative, and a commitment to excellence. We utilize a merit based approach to raises instead of adhering to a set schedule. Excellent job performance is rewarded.
  • Does the company offer paid sick leave?
    • FGS offers up to 64 hours per year in paid sick leave, based on accrual
  • What other compensation does FGS offer?
    • FGS offers non-taxable daily per diem and a voluntary IRS backed FAVR program. The FAVR program is a tax free monthly stipend for vehicle usage.

Want to learn more about FGS compensation, or would like to compare offers? Please email and we will happily provide a comparative tool that clearly illustrates how hourly rates will compare under FGS’s structure.