February 23, 2018


​​​Mudlogging and Wellsite Consulting

FGS offers a wide range of experienced mudloggers with backgrounds in basins throughout the United States.  From oil and gas, to geothermal, we have the expertise to offer 1 to 4-man programs to fit your wellsite needs.  Even though all of our techniques have been rigorously field tested for over a decade, we are also willing to adapt to any operator requirements from job to job.  These requirements are always in addition to the various, detailed sample collection and creative informative logs that can be used by geologists and engineers alike.


Our wellsite geologists are flexible and all have backgrounds working with any number of gas detection systems including traditional total gas and/or chromatographs, CO2 detectors, H2S monitors, and dq1000 mass spectrometers.  All geologists are also trained to use the portable desktopBTX-II X-Ray Diffraction machine for onsite mineral tracking.