Remote Logging: Survive without Sacrificing the Future

Optimism has been a rare commodity in the oil and gas sector over the past couple of months; a cloud of uncertainty hovers over the industry. The only thing certain is a constant pressure to reduce costs.

But, shedding services can lead to a loss of future insights. Ditching mud logging might save less than 1% of a drilling budget today but the cost of not having that log could be at the expense of shallower targets, production insights obtained from gas readings, or a cohesive view of what occurred while drilling the well. Field Geo Services offers a solution for these challenging times.

For half the cost, FGS’s remote mudlogging services provides you with a complete mudlog with everything you have become accustomed to from your wellsite geologist with the exception of samples. Accurate gas data, properly lagged, engineering data, and additional tracks for any other EDR data you need are all included in the log. FGS’s Remote Geos are centrally located in major basins and will perform a minimum of weekly rig visits to check in the with the company man and troubleshoot any remote logging issues, in addition to their daily remote well monitoring.

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